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September 2017


Augmented reality is forever stepping up its game and this time it has found another way into the creative world, but this time it’s all about colouring. 2015 was the beginning of an increasing awareness for mindfulness, with over 3 million copies of mindfulness colouring books for adults being sold that year. And following the success of this colouring craze, we soon found a rise in colouring apps – removing the need for a flat surface and an entire tin of pencils.But whether you found yourself on the side of technology or good old fashioned art supplies, it was clear this was a trend that was going to stick.So where to next?After mindfulness colouring books, calendars, diaries and more, it was only a matter of time before we saw the next big step. Today I saw an advert on Instagram for an augmented reality colouring app, allowing…

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