My discovery of No Such Thing As A Fish (NSTAAF)


Looking for other things to listen to besides music, I decided to give the podcast list a trawl on Spotify. Although the first few seemed interesting enough, they lacked that tone of voice that would keep me awake at my desk on a warm Wednesday afternoon in July.

And then it appeared… No Such Thing As A fish. My first thought was, ‘what the heck is this?’ Then I immediately went to ‘it’s got fish in the title, I’m sold’ (real mature I know).

The podcast

Hosted by the QI Elves (give them a follow on Twitter by the way @qikipedia), NSTAAF is a brilliant show where the Elves present their favourite facts from the last seven days.

Episode one had a strong opening, not only with a funky tune, but James’ bizarre fact from an exhibition about the Large Hadron Collider. He learnt that the Large Hadron Collider was turned off once because a piece of baguette was found in the machinery. Apparently they think a bird dropped it in, but some scientists there said it could have been a time travelling bird from the future sent to interfere – incredible.

‘There is to be no penis on Venus’ – possibly the best saying from episode one. To elaborate, apparently you can’t call anything on Venus after a male, although this was only introduced in the 70s so there is in fact a mountain on Venus named after Maxwell Montes; so he’s the only man on Venus.

The first episode of NSTAAF is actually from 8 March 2014, but it was still brilliant to listen to. Every episode can be listened to online as it’s important to mention that episodes 2 to 52 are not on Spotify. The website also gives you biographies, the latest news, merchandise and events.

They also did a series of International Factball podcasts about the World Cup. It claimed to be the only football podcast that has ‘no mention of football whatsoever’ and they pitted every country playing in the 2014 World Cup against each other to find out which who the most ‘quite interesting is’.

So, you’re probably wondering why it’s called No Such Thing As A Fish. Well you’ll have to give it a listen.

Has anyone got any podcasts they listen to on a regular basis?


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