A bookish birthday: finding your next read


The problem

I always find it difficult choosing my next read and it can be overwhelming walking into my local bookstore and finding myself face-to-face with just about every book imaginable. Do I pick something from the new release chart? Maybe a best seller? Or is it time to go crazy and completely change genre? There must be a new way to choose what to read next.

With various social media channels constantly telling me which famous person has their birthday on a particular day, I started wondering who I share mine with. A quick Google search and I found a whole list of famous literary people that share my birthday, but I’d never heard of most of them.

The solution

*Lightbulb* what a great way to find a new book to read (and add to my more than mole hole sized pile). You scroll through the list, choose a name and look up their works. Granted, the first few names you look up may not have written anything that interests you, but it certainly broadens your search.

FYI, I was horrified at how many people on the list were unknown to me when they probably should be. So this is also an interesting search to do even if you decide not to purchase anything from it.

So, my question to you is, do you share your birthday with any famous literary figures? Perhaps you’re lucky enough to share it with your favourite author or fictional character?

If not, why not give my method a go and let me know how you get on?


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