‘Inspiration is for amateurs’


It’s your day off.

You: ‘Great, I’ll finally get some drawing and writing done.’
The all mighty being that controls all drawing and writing ability: ‘Not. A. Chance.’

There’s nothing more frustrating than sitting down, cup of tea at the ready and all the determination in the world to get things done, only to find you are incapable of drawing anything. And I mean anything.

Your backgrounds become a disgusting mix of colours as your brain can’t settle on what it wants to achieve; it’s like a paint palette has caught some sort of bug and exploded at both ends all over your page. Your once cute and cuddly characters look like they have mutated into the things nightmares are made of. You end up madly scribbling across your pages, angrily cursing under your breath.

It’s not like you’ve been forcing yourself to do it; you’ve been madly waiting for this chance all week. So, what’s the problem?

A lack of inspiration is normally what gets me stuck in a rut, but I came across this earlier today and it got me thinking: ‘inspiration is for amateurs — the rest of us just show up and get to work’ (Chuck Close).

As much as I can see his point, I’m still firmly with the belief that if I’m creatively blocked, I can’t do anything.

So, what did I do today to combat my creative block? I thought about how I felt and how I’d describe it, and I drew that. All my anger and frustration felt like a storm brewing in my head, so I embraced it.

(A visual representation of what it feels like when I can’t seem to do anything right).

What do you guys do to push past that irritating invisible barrier?


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